What’s Happening at Goodwood

Historic Tower/ Building

Chair Yoga

June 10th to August 26th | 12 PM – 12:50 PM | Carriage House

This beginner’s yoga class will be led by KC Knudsen on the 2nd and 4th Mondays each month. Chair is a gentle form of yoga. Students will practice postures (asanas) and breathing exercises. This class is designed for beginners, and includes benefits such as increased strength, flexibility, and range of motion as well as improved balance and focus. 

2nd Annual Micro Theater Festival

June 21 and 22 | 5:45 PM | Center Oval

In this non-traditional theater event, the audience can enjoy 4 short plays all performed in the same open space.  The audience is encouraged to move freely around the space and mingle with others.  Please visit the Tallahassee Hispanic Theater Website for more details on the 5 short plays that will be performed.

Micro Theater Flyer
Abstract Flow Art

Flow Art Class

June 30 | 1 PM | Jubilee Cottage

Class is Sold Out!


Join Tricia Beall for a demonstration and mini-workshop to learn the basics of Acrylic Pouring (also known as Flow Art) on Sunday, July 28th from 1 PM to 3 PM in Jubilee Cottage. Each ‘pour’ is unique and just like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get. You will love this new way of expressing yourself creatively and we dare you to do it once and stop. It is so therapeutic and addictive!

Tricia Beall is an artist whose experience includes painting in watercolor, acrylic and oils as well as working with collage and wood. She owned her own gallery which represented Russian Impressionists in Hendersonville, NC and trained and worked in fine art, frame conservation, and restoration. Since her recent discovery of the acrylic pour method of painting, she has turned her entire house into a studio and if you look hard enough you can find her all hours of the day and night buried under plastic cups with paint from the tips of her fingers to the tip of her nose! You can see examples of Tricia’s work in the gift shop and Visitors Center at Goodwood.

Limited to 20 seats, and tickets have been going fast.

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