What’s Happening at Goodwood

Mindfulness for Modern Living

Introductory Workshop 

September 15th | 10 AM – 5 PM | Carriage House | $95


Mondays beginning September 30th | 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM | Jubilee Cottage | $195
Mindfulness training is a way to increase appreciation of life while reducing suffering. Join Pamela Chamberlynn, MSW, NBC-HWC, as she leads an introduction on how to live in the modern world with purpose and mindfulness. Participants will use a personal life assessment tool from Duke University’s Integrative Medicine Center to define their ideal personal vision, identify personal values that motivate real lifestyle change, and examine each of the 7 main areas of their life. 
Attend the one day workshop for an introduction to these practices, or sign up for the 8 week course for a deeper dive.  Feel free to sign up for either one or both!  Click below for tickets and more information.

For more information please contact Shavonne McAndrew, Community Relations Coordinator, at 850-877-4202 ext. 232 or email smcandrew@goodwoodmuseum.org.

About the Instructor: Pamela Chamberlynn, MSW, NBC-HWC is a graduate of Duke Integrative Medicine Center at Duke University as both a Mindfulness Professional and a Certified Integrative Health Coach Professional. (850) 329-6638, pchamberlynn@comcast.net, www.integrativehealthcoachpsc.com


Little Sprouts

Learning to Grow

Beginning September 9th | 10 – 11 AM | Jubilee Cottage

Let’s engage our children to embrace whole health wellness as a way to live.

Learning healthy habits can be easy and fun in this parent and child class. Children will play with therapy animals, express their feelings through art, and practice nursery rhyme yoga, all while learning about healthy life choices. Join your child in this fun 6-week course for parents and children between ages 2-5 years old.

Each week a different instructor will present to parents and children one aspect of whole health wellness. The course will cost $50 for each child and includes all 6 classes. Please see the Eventbrite page to register and for specific information.


Historic Tower/ Building

Free Summer Chair Yoga

 September 9th | 12 – 12:50 PM | Carriage House

This beginner’s yoga class will be led by KC Knudsen. Chair is a gentle form of yoga. Students will practice postures (asanas) and breathing exercises. This class is designed for beginners, and includes benefits such as increased strength, flexibility, and range of motion as well as improved balance and focus. 

Historic Tower/ Building
Historic Tower/ Building

Invisible Lives Tours

September 14th | 10 AM – 4 PM | Visitors Center

Invisible Lives Tours: Stories of the Enslaved People Who Built Tallahassee is the first public program offered as part of the Tallahassee History & Human Rights project (THHRP). THHRP is an ongoing collaboration among community partners to tell a fuller story of local and regional history.

On September 14, three local museums will offer guided tours focusing on the lives of enslaved people who shaped Florida and the nation, both before and after emancipation. The goal of this public program is to share new research with the community and better integrate African American history into the interpretation of Tallahassee’s historic sites.

The schedule of Invisible Lives Tours will include:

  • Goodwood Museum & Gardens, tours on the hour, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Tallahassee Museum, tours on the hour, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • The Grove Museum, tours on the half-hour, 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Each site’s guided tour will last approximately thirty minutes, with time spent both indoors and outdoors. Please wear comfortable clothes.

Other community partners will provide information and additional resources at each site.

Admission to this program is FREE.


Acrylic Pour Workshop

September 22nd | 1 PM – 3 PM | Jubilee Cottage
Go With The Flow at Goodwood Museum & Gardens!
Join Tricia Beall for a demonstration and mini-workshop to learn the basics of Acrylic Pouring (also known as Flow Art) on Sunday, September 22nd from 1 PM to 3 PM in Jubilee Cottage. Each ‘pour’ is unique and just like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get. You will love this new way of expressing yourself creatively and we dare you to do it once and stop, it is so therapeutic and addictive!
Registration is required, as this class is limited to only 20 students
Tricia Beall is an artist whose experience includes painting in watercolor, acrylic and oils as well as working with collage and wood. She owned her own gallery which represented Russian Impressionists in Hendersonville, NC and trained and worked in fine art, frame conservation, and restoration. Since her recent discovery of the acrylic pour method of painting, she has turned her entire house into a studio and if you look hard enough you can find her all hours of the day and night buried under plastic cups with paint from the tips of her fingers to the tip of her nose! You can see examples of Tricia’s work in the gift shop and Visitors Center at Goodwood.


Vinyasa Flow

September 24th to October 29th | 5:45 – 6:45 PM | Center Lawn
Join us for Yoga under Live Oaks and Spanish moss. This Vinyasa Flow class will be held on Goodwood’s center lawn. If not weather permitting, classes will be moved inside.
Vinyasa Flow mindfully integrates movement with breath. Not to be confused with Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow allows participants to explore new movements and balances, providing modifications for all.
There is no charge for Premier members, and a suggested $5 donation for all others. The donation will go to support Goodwood’s Community Wellness Garden.
Please bring your own mat, as additional mats will NOT be available at Goodwood.
This is a partnership between Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, Premier Health & Fitness Center, and Goodwood Museum & Gardens. For more information, please call 850-877-4202 x232 or email smcandrew@goodwoodmuseum.org.

Goodwood’s Got Game

September 24th | 4 – 8 PM | Rev Cafe & Historic Roller Rink

Join us for an evening of fun and games at Goodwood. Play giant chess, giant checkers, Jumbo Jenga, and more on the lawn.  There will be timed chess in Jubilee Cottage with the Tallahassee Chess Club and the local scholastic B&B Chess Club.  Bring your yoga mat and start the night with a Vinyasa Flow yoga class hosted by Premier Health & Fitness Center on Goodwood’s Center Lawn.  And, don’t forget to visit the Rev Cafe for dinner, or just a drink, as they stay open late for this night of fun.

Working with KCCI and other community partners, Goodwood will be showcasing its giant checkers and chess set with a new interactive public art project. These will be incorporated into the reactivation and design of the historic roller rink.

Yard games: 4-8pm

Vinyasa Flow yoga: 5:45-6:45pm

Historic Tower/ Building


September 27th | 6:30 PM Wine Reception |
7 PM Performance | Main House

Join us for a comedy set in a familiar time and place… a mansion in the Roaring ‘20s!

This one-act play begins when a couple encounters a thief in their home. Be astonished by the audacity of a thief and see if you understand his strange logic in this adventure through Goodwood’s Main House.

The Main House provides not just a stage, but a live 360° experience as you follow the characters from room to room. Instead of the set changing behind the actors, the actors move from one set to another and the audience follows. The Main House Museum provides the ideal background, as both the play and museum are set in the 1920s.

A wine reception and a unique “stage” make this a theatrical event to remember.

Limited to 25 seats per performance

Tickets $25

For more information contact JoAnn Bixler at 850.877.4202 x228 or jabixler@goodwoodmuseum.org

Ecological Landscape Design

October 4th | Noon | Jubilee Cottage
Learn how to create an ecological, sustainable and resilient landscape.  Dr. Tobe is an environmental consultant who has been using his experience as a plant ecologist and botanist to design and implement ecological restoration in the southeastern United States. The popular concept of ecological sustainability will be explained in the context of biogeography and the horticultural use of native and non-native plants in home landscaping. People have been impacting and manipulating the landscape by moving (regionally and globally) and growing plants, and changing the climate. We will consider changing and unknown trajectories that are impacting and influencing the cultural landscape. The “ecological landscapes” that we will consider are cultural landscapes that use and incorporate the tenets of permaculture and sustainability. Sometimes these landscapes are so ubiquitous and established they are thought of as “natural.” Once we understand the ecological preferences of native plants, we can use this information in creating a landscape that provides some of the functions of natural ecosystems.  


Historic Tower/ Building

Growing a Healthy Family

October 6th – 27th | 2 – 4 PM | Jubilee Cottage

Take a step into the world of gardening, health, and nutrition for the whole family.  Learn together about community gardening, how to grow your own produce, tips for preparing nutritious meals that excite the entire family, and explore the connection to what we eat to our overall well-being.  In this four-week series, instructors will present on topics about the basics of planting and maintaining a backyard garden to promote healthy eating and nutrition. 



Intuitive Mandalas Meditation

 October 13th | 2:30 – 5 PM | Laundry Cottage | $25
The word mandala is from the classical Indian Sanskrit language, it is loosely translated to mean circle. While it can have many meanings, the mandala is thought to stand for wholeness. Research has shown that creating or coloring mandalas can be meditative and reduce stress.
Jocelyne Maurice will lead a guided meditation experience and encourage participants to explore their insights further through the process of creating a mandala.  Participants will use watercolor paints and markers to fill in the circle with symbols, patterns, designs or colors.  This class does require registration. Only 12 seats are available. 

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